SDMA Environment

The environment committee at SDMA ensures that their member companies are conscious of and engaged with environmental issues, many of them compulsory, which affect them. A series of information bulletins have been created for the help of members and new bulletins will be created as further topics are identified.

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Welcome to info about the SDMA

SDMA information

This website is a history of the Surgical Dressing Manufacturers Association. We are not officially affiliated with the SDMA. We only report on its news and history.

The goal of the Association has always been to create a framework in which the surgical dressings industry can increase and prosper in a fair and responsible way by:-

•Urging the growing utilisation of safe and efficient surgical dressings products for sale in healthcare.

• Building an environment in which the creation of technically advanced items and services can be developed.

• Working in conjunction with leading healthcare figures.

• Influencing in an ethical way the manufacturing of a fair regulatory environment.

Code of Practice

Our lately introduced Code of Practice is a very useful tool by which the dressings industry can discover what is and is not considered fair practice when working with healthcare figures. The complaints process linked to the Code offers a means whereby actions thought to be in violation of its requirements can be judged by an independent panel.

You don’t have to be a part of the Association to work to the Code. It just requires an agreement, signed by a Director of the company, to say that you will follow by the spirit of the Code and accept the discoveries of the Complaints Committee if you raise a complaint or are the subject of one.

If you’re looking for more information about the SDMA or wish to simply get in touch, please visit their current website on

Like many medical device manufacturers, SDMA firmly believes that sterilization barrier fabrics do not constitute as packaging. Without these essential components it would be impossible to offer sterile products. They must therefore be a central part of the device itself and should be removed from the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulations.